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Parent's Meeting Keynote


Practice Days: Friday and Sunday practices are at Norman Thomas HS

  • 13s/14s: Thursday 7pm-9pm at UNIS(United National International School)
                  Sunday 12:15pm-3:15pm

  • 15s Friday 7pm-9pm and Sunday 10:15 to 1:15pm 

  • 16s Friday 7pm-9pm and Sunday 10:15 to 1:15pm




  • 14U: Head Coaches: Roy Eng and Ethan Yu
              Assistant Coaches: Leo Zhang Selina Feng

  • 15s: Head Coaches: Roy Eng
              Assistant Coach: Selina Feng

  • 16s: Head Coach: Ethan Yu
            Assistant Coach: Julia Yu

  • Floating Assistant Coaches: Leo Zhang, Jimmy Lin, Brian Lim and Vaughn Titus



  • 4 Regional tournament (1 day format within New York, New Jersey, and Long Island) 

  • 2 National tournament(2 or 3 days format with in East Coast, example, Capital Hill Class at DC, NEQ at Philadelphia, Winterfest at CT, etc.


Chaperon and Point Parents:

  • Chaperon and Point Parent must obtain USAV membership and Background Check.

  • They will serve as a communicate bridge between parents and the coaches

  • They will organize car to regional and national tournaments, 

  • They will organize meals and snack for the teams at the national tournament. 

Season Membership: $2000 including hotel for players for two national tournaments


Membership Includes:

  • Gym Rental

  • Coach Salary

  • Tournament Hotel Fee

  • Coach Certifications

  • Tournament Fee (2 National tournament, 4 Regional Tournaments)

  • Facility Insurance

  • Player Equipment (two jerseys, one backpack, 1 practice t-shirt and one sweater or jacket)

  • Practice Equipment



Please Contact Ethan Yu if you have any questions regarding to the Girls season.

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