NYC Impact Private Lesson

Private lessons are perfect for Junior or Adult players trying to get the most out of the game of volleyball. Individual attention will allow you to achieve your goals faster than any other method of training.

Private lessons are also the most efficient way to iron out any bad habits in a technique that has accrued over the years. The coaches at NYC Impact have developed a unique approach of teaching which consistently delivers results, proves very reliable and allows the player/s to achieve their full potential.


The private lesson is open to all levels and ages

Single Player Lesson

- $140 per 1 Hour Lesson
- $120 per hour for 2 or more Lesson


Multiple Players Lessons 

- $120 Per person for a single 1 hour Lessons

- $100 Per person for 2 or more Lessons

NYC Impact Private Lessons is BACK. Please use the link below to submit your inquiry.