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We got a program for you!

At NYC Impact, we bring different levels of volleyball programs to all age groups. We offer fun and interactive programs for beginners who want to explore the sport of volleyball. We provide a competitive travel club program who wish to challenge themself with the top-notch competition. We also have private lessons for those who are ready to sharpen the skills that they desire. Last but not least, volleyball brings fans together and enjoys the game together with an open play. 

Volley Kids
Volley Kids program is where we all begin to love the sport of volleyball. Please visit the Volley Kids page to learn more about it.

- Learn more here

USAV Developmental Program
This program is preparing those who wish to pursue a more competitive travel club experience. 

- Learn more here

Skill Clinic

A special program designed to help athletes to focus and archive in specific skills. 

- Learn more here

Private Lesson

We develop and design a special program for an individual who wants to excel in one special area of he/her game.  

- Learn more here

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