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In light of ongoing hate crimes against the AAPI community, NYC Impact kindly asks everyone to participate in our bingo board fundraiser to help protect our AAPI community. All proceeds will be donated to the 3 organizations listed below: Send Chinatown Love, Heart of Dinner, and Protect Chinatown! Help us fill up the board and let’s help our locals! If you wish to make a direct donation, please send us the donation using Venmo @nycimpactvb or contact us at for more information. Thank You for your support Together, we can make an impact.  

Click on the organization name to learn more about them.


Send Chinatown Love

Heart of Dinner

Protect Chinatown

Two ways to make donation.

First: Make a direct donation

- Donation can be made by Venmo, check and Cash

- Venmo @nycimpactvb

- Check and Cash, please email us and to arrange a time and location to pick-up or drop off. 

Two: Donate through one of our NYC Impact NACIVT Members. 

- Visit our member's Instagram profile

- Request the member to perform one of the items on bingo board. 

- Venmo donation to @nycimpactvb or our member's venmo account. 

Please contact us if you have any questions and concerns. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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