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Who we are.

Welcome prospective members, current members, and supporters of NYC Impact Volleyball Club! We are a USAV and GEVA registered club that hopes to increase the opportunities for both young male and female volleyball players in the 5 boroughs of New York City, to reach higher levels of competition. We aim to provide a competitive and interactive learning experience while harnessing individual skills through teamwork and sportsmanship. A new chapter of our highly structured volleyball program is underway and we look forward to a promising season, in training, practicing, and competing on both the local and national level.

NYC Impact Volleyball is a rising non-profit urban volleyball club that aims to promote the physical and emotional well being of the young-adult generation through competitive volleyball. Athletes range from ages 14 to 21 and live within New York City and its surrounding communities.

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Our Mission

NYC Impact is committed to creating a learning environment that encourages athletes to strive for individual and collective excellence. Our experienced coaches and mentors see the volleyball court as a classroom, an opportunity to teach lessons of responsibility, teamwork, and leadership. 


We value accessibility and offer programs that cater to individuals with varying levels of interest, commitment, and financial resources.


We started off as a small program that competed in an Asian American summer volleyball league. Our founders wanted to create a community where young Asian American girls -- historically underrepresented in sports -- could learn to compete and win. 

Over time, we have significantly expanded our offerings. We are a USAV/GEVA registered club, with programs available to all athletes, regardless of cultural background.

Our Goals

    * Promoting volleyball at early age.
    * Providing experienced coaches.
    * Competing locally, regionally and nationally.
    * Creating programs that will develop athletes physically and mentally.
    * Reinforcing values of commitment and sportsmanship.
    * Building lifetime relationships with our members and supporters.

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