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Coaching Staff

Ethan HeFu Yu
- Found & Executive Director
- Head Coach Boys 18
- Setters and Offensive Coach


Head Coach, Ethan Hefu Yu, brings extensive playing and coaching expertise to our teams. Playing volleyball at the age of twelve in Tai Shan, China, Yu offers his early experiences from the tight-knit volleyball community. Upon coming to New York, Yu was the starting setter throughout his high school career at Seward Park. He led his varsity team into the city Championships for four years and was selected as MVP of the PSAL Class of 2004 in New York City. Yu became part of the traditional 9-Man Volleyball team under the New York Strangers Sports Association in 2003. Obtaining experience by playing with the New York Strangers in the Garden Empire Volleyball Association, he offers a unique playing as well as coaching philosophy to our teams.

Upon his high school graduation, Yu began his coaching career as assistant coach for Seward Park High School’s Boy’s and Girl’s Varsity Volleyball teams (2005-2008). In 2008, he was appointed head coach for the New York Strangers Girl's Volleyball team. Yu was the Director of Players Operation for the New York Strangers Sports Association  and assistant coach of the 18s team for AllStarr Volleyball, a USA Volleyball Juniors Club. His lead role coaching in the girl’s teams for the New York Strangers is demonstrated by his dedication and commitment.

Yu’s disciplined coaching style shows his passion for the sport and his enthusiasm to share with his teams, what volleyball is to him.

Roy Eng

- Director of Asian Volleyball Program

- Summer Asian Volleyball Program Heach Coach

Tommy Ma

- Summer Asian Volleyball A team head Coach

Ma's Background:

Tommy Ma, was raised in the City of Tai Shan in China where everyone has a passion for volleyball. Ma independently started self-teaching himself volleyball in first grade and as he matured, so did his volleyball philosophy and skill. Ma's experience and love for the sport gave him a strong ambition to actively pursue volleyball as an athlete and coach. Ma continued to play volleyball during middle school and led his team to win second runner up among all Hong Kong public schools in 2001. Coming to the US for education, Ma played for New Utrecht H.S. from 2002-2005, helping the team win 3-Peats Division Champions. He was also selected to be a member of the New York City Empire team, winning silver and bronze medals in 2003 and 2004.


​Playing Experience:

From 2006-2009, Ma played outside hitter for Brooklyn College, where he earned the awards: CUNY Rookie of the Year, All Tournament Team, First Team All-Star, and Second Team All-Star in all four respective years received the Men's Volleyball MVP Award in 2008. Ma graduated from Brooklyn College with a B.S. in Physical Education and is pursuing his Master's degree in Sports Management. Ma is enthusiastic about teaching volleyball to achieve individual potential foster a strong teamwork ethic.

Coaching Experience:

Coaching several volleyball programs such as Big Apple Games, youth volleyball program at Aviator Sports Recreation, and assistant coach for the Boys and Girls Varsity Volleyball Teams at New Utrecht H.S., Ma's coaching philosophy is to deliver a concept of a "Strong Winning Spirit".

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