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Parent/Guardian/Guest Contract

I/We agree to the following standards, expectations, and guidelines of NYC Impact Sports, Inc.:      

A. Parents/guardians/guests are encouraged to support:

  1. The player to live up to the commitment made as a member of this Club as more fully set forth in the Player Agreement;

  2. The coaching staff of this Club;

  3. The player's efforts and progress;

  4. Open communication between player and coach;

  5. The playing time/roles of the player overall (decisions pertaining to playing time/role is the responsibility of the team coach within guidelines set for each team);

  6. Live up the the USAV/GEVA Spectator policies and code of conduct

  7. By assisting the Team Chaperone whenever possible and as requested;

  8. By accepting payment policy of this Club and adhering to its financial policies.

B. Payment Policy: In order to ensure the highest potential quality of junior volleyball development for all players and continue to maintain professional and economic standards, NYC Impact has established the following payment policy:

  1. Each Player is committed for the full duration of the club season for her assigned team. If a Player is unwilling or unable to complete the club season she will still be responsible for paying dues to the Club.

  2. Each Player must pay the amount required for participation on her team by the dates set on the Club website. A late fee will be incurred if the payment is late. Failure to pay amounts when due shall disqualify the Player from participation in all future tournaments until the default is cured.

  3. All sums paid are non refundable

  4. If a player violates any policies and result in a dismissal at any USAV/GEVA and NYC Impact authorized event, the parent(s)/guardian(s) will be contacted and must come to the event and take this player home on their own expense.

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