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Cellphone and Electronic Policies

Player's cell phone much remain in her/his back pad at all time. If there is an emergency parent can contact team chaperone and coaches directly. If a player requires parents attention, team chaperone or coach will contact parent directly.


We encourage players to socialize with his or her teammate and building team chemistry from team bonding.   

No cell phone zones

  • All designated team gathering places

  • Practice and competition areas.

  • Study periods if requested.

  • At conditioning Training

  • Team meetings.

  • Team meals

When can I use cell phone?

  • When you need to leave the team camping area at the tournament to buy merchants, to watch other team play and all other activities with-in the competition areas.

  • To assist with school work

  • To call teammate, Chaperone, coach and parent.

  • At hotel(recommend minimum usage, instant to socialize with teammates)

What happen if I break these rules?

  • 1st offense: Coach will contact parent/Guardian + coach's penalty. 

  • 2nd offense: suspend from one week of practice + next tournament.

  • 3rd offense: Dismissal from the club without refund. 

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