NYC Impact Volleyball FUN! Tournament

Summer Volleyball IS BACK. Are ready for a day of volleyball, and a day of fun.  

Women Tournament Information

- Date: Saturday, July 17th
- Location: Seward Park "the Park" and first match starts at 8:30am. 
- NACIVT Ethnicity rule and USAV Playing Regulations will be enforced.
- Tournament fee $190, must be paid to hold a spot, and will be refunded if it rains out. 
- Prizes: Medals and cash prize. 
- All player requires to signed a liability waiver.
- Team uniform is recommended

Playing Format:

0) USAV Indoor Competition Regulation will be in used. 
1) All teams will advance to at least one playoff match after pool play is completed.
2) If 4 team pool, all matches will be 2 sets to 25 points (starting at 0-0) 

3) Warmups will be 2-4-4 for each team's first match, and then 3-3 for the rest of the day.
4) Tie breaking procedure (note, no sets will be played for any ties):
    - If 2 teams are tied, head to head results will decide the higher placing team.
    - If 3 (or more) teams are tied (in order):
      + Set percentage in the entire pool
      + Point won/loss percentage (won/(won+lost)) in the entire pool
      + Coin toss

Playoff Format:

1) Work team for Semi Final

- The losing team at the last match, if the losing team does not making the playoff

- If both team at the last match made the playoff then last place team in that pool works the semi final on the same court. 

2) 1st and 2nd place teams in each pool advance to the Gold playoffs.

3) 3rd and 4th place teams in each pool will go to the Silver playoffs

4) Losser of the first semi final works the second s
3) Last losing team at the semi final will work the final. 

Each work team must supply the following:

- Each team must provides experienced R1 and R2 to facilitate high level of playing. Or we provide USAV certified referee for $30 per match.  
- Up (R1) and Down Ref (R2) - Libero Tracker - 2 lines people per game
- Scorekeeper - Flipper for score cards

Clean Up the camp site before you leave.

- Each team requires to submit a $20 in cash security deposit at Captain's Meeting.

- Security deposit will return to the team after Tournament Director inspect your camp site before the team leaves.


Pay with Venmo


Please include your team name in the comment area when you pay. 

Women 6s Tournament Fee: $190 per team

9-Man Tournament Fee: $230 per team

Registration is OPEN