Location: Norman Thomas High School, 9th floor MAP IT
                     Data: Sunday June 2nd
                     Start time: 1:30pm
                     Tournament fee per team: $120 before May 19th. $140 after May 19th.
                     Roster: 8 Players, at least 2 girls (All roster players have to be current High School students.)
**Every player must present their High School ID at Check-in**

                    1. There are must be two girls on the court all time.
                    2. All pool play will be TWO sets of 21 point  games.

                    3. Warm-ups will be 3 minutes, starting right after the previous match ended.
                    4. One 30 second timeout per team during a set is allowed.
                    5. Tie breaking procedure (note, no 3rd set will be played for any ties)
                            - If 2 team are tied the deciding winner (in order):
                              - - Point differential from head to head match
                              - - Coin toss
                   Top two teams advance to playoff from each pool
                           - Semi Final - One 25 point game Caps at 27
                           - Best 2 out of 3 (Start at 4, Cap at 27, Deciding 3rd set is to 15 points Cap at 17)

                   - All athletes are required to wear appropriate sport gears.
                   - All athletes MUST fill out an Impact Volleyball Event Waiver and submit it during the check-in. NO WAIVER NO PLAY.
                   - All athletes and participants MUST respect to the officiating crew’s decisions and have sportsmanship toward to their         

                     opponents and all others.
                   - USAV (United States of America Volleyball) rule is used for References


             - Payment can be pay online by PayPal

                                                              PAY NOW

                   or by check payable to: Impact Sports Inc.

                                      Mail to: 6029 Putnam Avenue 1st Floor

                                                  Ridgewood NY 11385



                    1. Registration is open now
                    2. Please bring the Impact Volleyball Waiver to the tourney and submit it when you check in.

                    3. You may change your roster anytime until you check-in for your team on the tournament day.

                    4. There is no refund.​